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21 Best Virtual Tours of Spain to Spark Your Wanderlust

by Or Amir

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If I could have any superpower, I’d definitely choose the ability to transport myself to any place in the world in the blink of an eye. But since that’s not going to happen any time soon, I’m trying to find creative ways to feel like I’m traveling even when I can’t. I took on a mission to find the best online tours out there, and I had to start with my beloved Spain. So without further ado, here are 21 virtual tours of Spain that will surely ignite your wanderlust.


Virtual Tours of Spain: 21 online tours to travel to Spain without leaving home




Absolutely NOTHING will ever make me feel like I do when I’m walking through the streets of Madrid, but I’m actually loving this virtual tour of the city from above.


Virtual Spain - Royal Palace of Madrid



Even a week in Barcelona is not enough time to explore this city (it has so many hidden gems), so obviously, a virtual visit will only give you a tiny glimpse of its beauty. But if you’re ready to give it a try, you can have a look at the city from above or check out the online tours of the top Gaudi buildings in Barcelona – the Sagrada FamiliaCasa BatlloLa Pedrera, and Park Güell.



Park Guell Barcelona



I fell in love with Valencia while attending the Fallas festival. Strolling through the streets of the old town, admiring the landmarks, visiting the City of Arts and Sciences, and feasting on delicious paella was pure joy.

Although it was a bit difficult to find virtual tours of Valencia, I did find one of the city from above and one of La Lonja de la Seda (The Old Silk Exchange), which is a UNESCO site and one of the top things to see in the city.


City of Arts and Sciences Valencia



San Sebastian, aka the food capital of Spain, is truly one of the most stunning places I have visited in northern Spain. From the old town to La Concha beach to Monte Igueldo lookout point, this city is a paradise. That’s why I was thrilled to find this virtual tour. Not only does it let you explore San Sebastian but also other beautiful places in the Basque Country region.


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Seville was one of my most favorite places to visit in southern Spain. I had to include it on my Andalucia road trip itinerary because I couldn’t have missed its beautiful Plaza de España, colorful neighborhoods, and historical landmarks.

If you want to visit the city online, you can see it from above or take tours inside two of its most important UNESCO sites – the Alcázar of Seville (click on any photo to start the tour) and the Cathedral.


Seville - Plaza de Espana



After taking these virtual tours of Salamanca at day and Salamanca at night, I think this city needs to be way higher on my Spain bucket list. This intriguing glance at its Old Quarter (which is a UNESCO site) and 12th-century university (the world’s third oldest university still in operation) definitely inspires me to visit Salamanca ASAP.



Any Spain lover has visited or wants to visit this internationally famous UNESCO site. So if you’re sitting at home, thinking ‘I wish I could be there right now,’ maybe this short virtual tour of the Alhambra will cheer you up a bit.


Alhambra Palace



I’m so happy I got to take a day trip from Madrid and visit Alcala de Henares, the birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes – the legendary author of Don Quixote. Although this virtual tour is pretty short, it’ll take you through the beautiful Cervantes Square, Cervantes Museum (which is housed in his childhood home), and the University of Alcala.



A popular day trip from Barcelona is the town of Figueres, the birthplace of Salvador Dalí and where you’ll find the Dalí Theatre-Museum (a museum that was designed by the artist himself). If you want to visit this unique museum and explore the largest collection of Dalí’s works of art, take this virtual tour.

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Dali Museum in Figueres

Dali Theatre-Museum



If I had to pick one region in Spain that REALLY doesn’t get enough attention, it would be Extremadura. I myself am dreaming of a road trip through this undiscovered region.

If you’re not quite sure what it has to offer, these virtual tours of its natural landscapes, old villages and castles, and medieval cities will certainly ignite your wanderlust.



If you haven’t had the chance to visit the mountain of Montserrat and its monastery, this tour will show you the area from above, as well as the inside of the basilica.


Montserrat Spain



Short but sweet, this tour will take you to Avila, a UNESCO city famous for its intact medieval walls and Romanesque and Gothic churches.



The Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James) is probably the world’s most famous network of pilgrim routes. Ending in Santiago the Compostela, the different paths start in Spain, France, or Portugal.

Though it’s a bit difficult to cover the entire Camino de Santiago online, you can have a glance at the Northern Way, the French Way (including touring the inside of the Cathedral of Burgos), and Santiago de Compostela.


Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral



Taking a day trip from Madrid to Segovia is a must. Once you’re there, it’s easy to understand why its Roman aqueduct, its Gothic cathedral, and its fairytale castle (along with other landmarks in the old city) were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

To visit Segovia online, you can explore the city from above, have a closer look at its landmarks, or take a virtual tour of its castle (one of the best virtual tours of castles in Europe).


Segovia Cathedral



Stretching along the coast of the region of Galicia, Ruta del Cantabrica is a scenic walking and cycling trail in northern Spain. While it’ll only give you a sneak peek of the route, this tour will surely make you want to explore this underrated part of Spain.


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Another walking trail you can visit virtually is La Hoya de Huesca, which is quite close to the Pyrenees. Though the tour only shows a tiny part of the path, you’ll get to see some beautiful sceneries.



Constructed in the years 16 and 15 B.C.E, the Roman Theatre of Merida is one of the largest archaeological sites in Spain and a must-visit UNESCO site. You can explore it with this virtual tour.


Merida Roman Theatre

Merida’s Roman Theatre – can you believe this is Spain?




If you miss the feeling of strolling through a maze of streets and squares (aka one of the greatest pleasures of traveling), you have to take this virtual tour of Alcudia. This medieval walled town is a major tourist hub, so even though you’re not actually there, at least you can have it all to yourself (wink wink).


Alcudia town Mallorca




I find the Canary Islands extremely intriguing. With their volcanic landscapes, green mountains, black sand beaches, and coastal towns and villages, these islands are a dream destination of mine. That’s why I was so thrilled to find this amazing virtual tour of Tenerife from above. It definitely fuels my wanderlust and proves that Spain is full of surprises.





The fifth-largest of the seven main Canary Islands, La Palma is a paradise for nature lovers. On this website, you’ll find dozens of virtual hikes, virtual museum tours, and 360-degree views of La Palma’s beaches and towns.



La Gomera is the second-smallest of the Canary Islands, and what it lacks in size, it makes up for in gorgeous natural landscapes. With over 600 km (372 miles) of walking trails, it’s a hiker’s heaven, so if you want to take a peek at what it has to offer, take this short virtual hike.


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