Spain Themed Gifts: 35 Classic and Creative Ideas

After so many posts about Spain and several destination-themed gift guides, I’m finally sharing a list of the best Spain themed gifts.

I know I’m not the only one obsessed with this country, so if you’re looking for gift ideas for those who share my unconditional love for Spain, here’s the ultimate roundup.

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*When purchasing my engraved ring necklace from Vagabond Life, they gifted me with one extra ring and one compass necklace. That said, I always share my honest opinions.

Looking for the best Spain gift ideas? Here are 35 awesome Spain themed gifts for travel lovers!



An unusual but symbolic gift any Spain lover will surely appreciate is, well, an actual piece of land in Spain. The lovely certificate you get is guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one’s face, and it would definitely make you one of the best gift-givers ever. Learn more about it and purchase it here.


No woman can say no to a beautiful piece of jewelry, and you can definitely find some amazing items no matter what your budget is. I love Etsy for finding unique handmade travel-inspired pieces like this Spain-shaped necklace.

I also love Vagabond Life‘s engraved ring necklaces, which allow you to buy a chain and add rings for every continent, country, or state you traveled to. You can also buy the ‘Spain’ ring only, which makes it a wonderful themed gift.

Purchase your necklace and ‘Spain’ ring here (rings and chains are sold separately) and use the code ORA20 at checkout for a 20% discount on your order. You can also check out my full Vagabond Life review.

Gifts for people who love Spain - Spain shaped necklace
Necklace by Silversmith925 on Etsy (shop owner: Vic)
Spain themed gifts - engraved ring necklace
Necklace from Vagabond Life


Used for Spanish games like Brisca and Mus, a Spanish card deck contains 40 or 50 illustrated cards. It makes a great addition to any game night, and most games are easy to learn.


I’m definitely obsessed with books taking place in Europe and especially in Spain, and for the right person, they would make an excellent gift!

My two favorite novels are ‘The Return,’ which is set in Andalusia, and ‘The Shadow of the Wind‘ (such a classic), which takes place in Barcelona. I devoured them in just a few hours, so that says a lot about how good they are.

These are only two out of dozens of books, so for a few more ideas, check out this roundup of amazing novels set in Spain or browse more options on Amazon.

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No one is ever too old to do a puzzle (I love how therapeutic it is), and I’m sure the right person would love to get one, especially if it’s Spain-themed. Browse all Spain puzzles on Amazon.


I know it can be quite depressing looking at a destination-themed calendar yet not having any booked trips, but it sure does ignite one’s wanderlust. Check out all Spain-themed calendars on Amazon.


Sometimes the simplest gifts are the best ones. If they’re beautifully designed or illustrated, maps, prints, and posters can be the perfect gift idea.

I know I would love to get wall art that flaunts my love for my favorite destination. Check out the beautiful designs you can find on Etsy or Amazon.


Themed coffee mugs are always more fun, and as a coffee snob, I can say that I can never have too many of them.

I’ve treated myself with this mug that shows my love for Spain and this mug that satisfies my obsession with Madrid.

I absolutely love them both, especially the fact that the writing is printed on both sides and it doesn’t peel off when you wash them. You can browse more options on Etsy or Amazon.


Let me start by saying that, out of respect for Spanish football, I just can’t call it soccer. It really is such a huge part of the local culture, and I’m obsessed with it myself (believe it or not).

If you’re looking for a gift for a Spanish football fan, this is obviously the perfect choice.

From Spain’s national team to Barcelona to Real Madrid to Atletico Madrid (and all other Spanish teams), you can find every single jersey on Amazon.


As a good Jewish girl, I obviously don’t celebrate Christmas, but that doesn’t mean I can’t suggest this gift to those of you who do.

If you’re looking for Spanish Christmas gifts, check out these themed ornaments on Amazon and Etsy.


I’m a huge fan of the genius architect, Antoni Gaudi, and his quirky buildings, and I know I’m not the only one.

Most of his creations are located in Barcelona, but you can also find a few in northern Spain and the region of Castilla y Leon.

If you’re looking for a gift for Gaudi fanatics, there are books, puzzles, wall art, and tons of other themed items you can get them.


It’s hard to believe that Spain-themed board games exist, so if you’re looking for a gift for game night lovers, check out the highly-rated Race to Madrid and Alhambra.


Are you looking for a gift for someone whose therapy is art? Then themed coloring books are a perfect choice! I personally adore them, and if they’re all about Spain, that’s even better. Browse all of them on Amazon.


I’m definitely a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, especially when I find beautiful travel-themed shirt designs that show the world my addiction. Browse all of them on either Etsy or Amazon.


Looking for a gift for someone who collects shot glasses? Check out these ones on Amazon!


Having a themed phone case is a fun way to show off one’s favorite destination. They are only suitable for specific types of phones, but on Etsy, you can find Spain’s flag cases or Spanish city cases.



There’s nothing better to ignite one’s wanderlust than a travel book. Seriously, if I could, I would buy every single Spain travel guide. Browse all of them on Amazon.


I have a weakness for travel journals. I always have one with me when I’m traveling, and I love documenting my trips on the spot when all the memories are still fresh. Browse all journals on Amazon.


Learning Spanish is fun (ok, super fun) and essential, but the language differences between all Spanish-speaking countries can be pretty significant, and that includes the accent, words, and phrases.

I can actually think of a specific word they use all the time in Spain (related to public transport), but unless you want to sound dirty and creepy, you should never say it in Argentina.

That’s why a Spain-oriented Spanish phrasebook and dictionary can be very useful for people who are always planning their next trip to Spain and want to show off their Spanish without making any funny boo-boos.

Check out this one by Lonely Planet on Amazon.



If you’re going for this classic Spanish item, make sure you’re buying a fan that’s actually made in Spain (bonus points if it’s hand-painted). Check out these beautiful designs on Etsy.


They can be cute decorative items, but again, look for authenticity and only purchase pieces that were made in Spain.


From tiles to plates to vases, Spanish ceramic production dates back hundreds of years ago.

The colors and patterns of these pieces are always vibrant and bold, so they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love them as small decorative items. Check out these colorful designs on Amazon.


Artisans from the city of Toledo produce beautiful items using a unique ancient technique called damascening in which they inlay gold and silver into steel.

On Etsy, you’ll find beautiful authentic items like jewelry, plates, and brooches, which can be a great gift for the right person (it’s produced in other countries too, so make sure to look for Toledo damascene).


It’s probably the most obvious Spanish gift idea, but I do wonder what one will do with a flamenco dress.

Also, many of the dresses sold online are either costumes or not made in Spain, so that’s something to check and consider if you’re looking for an authentic item.

You can check out this store on Esty that sells vintage flamenco dresses.

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Spanish food is a lot more than just paella and tapas. Not that I have anything against them (totally the opposite), but there are dozens of regional dishes most people don’t know.

So what’s better than a cookbook filled with traditional Spanish recipes to win a foodie’s heart? Browse all books on Amazon.


If there’s one quirky thing to know about me, is that I HATE olives (like really hate and am disgusted by them more than any other person I’ve ever met). Funny enough, I LOVE olive oil.

And if I’m going to buy olive oil, I’ll choose the best of the best, which is, of course, Spanish olive oil. Even with insane quantities produced in the country (about 50% of the world’s olive oil), its quality is always at the top, making it a fantastic gift for a foodie who loves Spain.

Rincón de la Subbética is an award-winning brand, but you’ll find many others on Amazon.


For those who love nougats, it doesn’t get any better than the Spanish turron. It’s an essential Christmastime treat, but you can buy it all year round in Spain and online.

One of the biggest brands that make this nougat is Turrones Vicens, a family-owned company working since 1775.

I’ve tasted some of their turrones in Madrid, and they were delicious, so I’m thrilled to see that you can also buy them on Amazon (you can also check out other options).


I’ve tried making paella at home a couple of times, and it was tasty, but it wasn’t even close to the traditional paella I had devoured in Valencia. I think I’m pretty good at cooking, but I guess I’m not that skilled.

That said, it was important for me to use an authentic paella pan and the ingredients I had bought in Spain. I know it would be for any foodie trying to make paella.

So check out this super cute, highly-rated paella kit on Amazon that any Spanish food lover would surely appreciate. I know I totally would.


You can never go wrong with a gift basket. Seriously, is there anyone who doesn’t love to get them? Check out the ones you can find on La Tienda.


If you don’t want to buy the entire kit, at least look for the key spices in this amazing dish – saffron and paprika from Spain.


One of the best Spain related gifts has to be wine. From Sherry to Rioja to Cava (my favorite), who doesn’t love Spanish wines? It’s such a classic gift that never fails. Browse all wines and prices here.


One of my all-time favorite things to eat in Spain is churros with chocolate. Now, I’m not that great at making them at home, but if you know someone who is, a churro maker would be a perfect gift.

Think about it – they’ll get to enjoy their gift, and you’ll probably get churros – it’s a win-win situation! Browse all prices and read reviews on Amazon.


It’s not the sexiest piece of clothing but definitely a cute gift for Spain lovers who like to cook. Browse your options here.


Products made with Spanish olive wood are absolutely gorgeous and make the most fantastic gift. Check out these beautiful pieces on La Tienda.


I feel a bit weird about buying cheese online, but Manchego is so delicious that I had to add it as a gift for people who love Spain. You can find it on La Tienda and even on Amazon.

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