37 of the Best Destinations to Visit in Spring in Europe

Spring in Europe is pure joy – the scenery is vivid and bright, the weather is perfect, there are no big crowds (unless you’re attending a festival), and you can feel the vibrance and happiness this season brings.

So if you’re eager to find the best places to visit in Europe in March, April, and May, but not quite sure which destination to choose, here’s a roundup of cities and regions that are totally worth exploring.

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Wondering where to travel to in spring in Europe? Here are 33+ of the best places to visit in Europe in spring!

Good to know: While spring is a good time to visit Europe, note that in many countries, March and April can be rainy at times. While it’s also a great time to escape the crowds of summer, Easter events and spring festivals are going to be busy.

Best Spring Breaks in Europe: Unforgettable City Escapes

Paris, France

By Krisztina from She Wanders Abroad

Traveling to Paris is a wonderful idea all year round, however, the French capital is definitely one of the best cities to visit in spring in Europe.

The weather is usually nice and warm already with fewer tourist crowds compared to summer, which makes spring one of the best times to visit Paris.

On top of that, seeing the blooming flowers all around Paris is an unforgettable experience. Just think about magnolias and cherry blossoms (end of March/beginning of April), wisterias (end of April), or roses (mid-May)!

If you’re looking for the best photography spots in Paris during this season, head over to Jardin des Tuileries, Jardin des Plantes, and of course, the Eiffel Tower!

Apart from roaming the prettiest streets in Paris, you can’t miss taking a stroll along the Seine River, exploring the world-famous Musée du Louvre, and window shopping on the Champs-Élysées.

If you happen to visit around Easter, you can also attend some concerts and feast on delicious chocolate eggs!

Sacre-Coeur Basilica Paris
Paris in spring. Photo: She Wanders Abroad

Venice, Italy

By Claire from Tales of a Backpacker

I adore Venice at any time of year, but spring is my favorite time to visit. In springtime, the weather is warming up after winter but is still pleasantly cool without the humidity of July and August.

There are far fewer crowds than in the busier summer months, and as the days grow longer, you have more time to admire the beauty of Venice.

It is a perfect time to wander the pretty streets, take a gondola ride, and enjoy the delicious food in Venice without battling hordes of tourists.

It is also easier to explore the neighboring islands of Murano, Burano, and Lido, as the Vaporetto water buses are less crowded, and you are more likely to be able to sit down and enjoy the journey across the Venice lagoon.

As for where to stay, prices are likely to be cheaper in spring too, before the peak summer season pushes up the rates.

Venice in Springtime
Venice. Photo: Tales of a Backpacker

Athens, Greece

By Chrysoula from Athens and Beyond

Whether you only have one day in Athens or an entire weekend, this city is a fantastic destination to visit in the spring.

You will get mainly sunny days with an average temperature between 15 to 25 degrees Celsius, perfect weather for strolling around the many archaeological sites and the alleyways of the picturesque Plaka neighborhood.

During that time, there are fewer crowds and prices for hotels and flights are relatively low. If you are visiting on the 25th of March, which is a national holiday, you will get to see the army parade at the center of Athens.

At the end of April and the beginning of May, Orthodox Easter is celebrated around Greece, which is another interesting time to visit the city. 

Athens. Photo: Athens and Beyond

Bruges, Belgium

By Charu from Travel With CG

Bruges is an enchanting city whose sights feel straight out of storybooks of the past. Full of medieval buildings, other-worldly canals, and cobblestone streets, every nook here looks like it has been untouched for eons.

Being a destination whose charm not only lies out in the open but is also best seen on foot, Bruges is a wonderful European spring destination. 

If you like having popular places without the peak season crowd, then spring is the ideal time to travel here.

With the weather getting warmer, you can comfortably stroll around the quaint alleys of Bruges’ historic town center and devour a delicious Belgian waffle or two.

There are also numerous boats offering canal tours, so you can hop on them for a picturesque ride. Lastly, make sure to climb 366 steps to reach the top of the Belfry Tower to get an unobstructed view of this charming city.

best places in europe to visit in spring - Bruges
Bruges. Photo: Travel With CG

Palermo (Sicily), Italy

By Caroline from Veggie Wayfarer

Palermo is the capital of the always sunny island of Sicily in the south of Italy. It is the perfect spot if you are craving a spring break in Europe and looking to top up on vitamin D.

Italy is renowned for its fabulous food – the best in the world according to many. Make sure to fill up on the traditional pizza and pasta, but save some room for the typical Sicilian street food when traveling in Palermo.

Stop by the Antica Focacceria San Francesco to munch on a typical Arancina (fried rice balls containing ragu or if you are a vegetarian – a la norma).

Looking for other specialties per region in Italy? Check out these delicious vegetarian Italian foods.

When in Palermo, be sure to visit the local churches. The most beautiful ones are the Church of the Gesu, San Giuseppe dei Teatini, and the extraordinary 12th-century Arab-Norman architectural gem – the Church of San Cataldo.

And last of all, stop by the Norman Palace, which dates back to the 9th century. It is the oldest palace in all of Europe!

Palermo Sicily
Palermo. Photo: Veggie Wayfarer

Ljubljana, Slovenia

By Kami from My Wanderlust

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is such a perfect city break in the springtime.

The city isn’t packed with tourists yet, and you can peacefully enjoy all the great things to do in Ljubljana: wandering around the Old Town, going up to the castle, or finding all the dragons (a well-known European legend), just to name a few.

Once you are done sightseeing, the numerous restaurants and cafes lined along the leafy banks of the Ljubljanica River wait for you to sit down, relax, and be amazed by the spring blooming around.

You might also go to Nebotičnik cafe to see the most beautiful view over Ljubljana and beyond from their open-air terrace.

Since recently Slovenia has become a very popular destination, spring is a perfect time to go for day trips from Ljubljana and see without crowds some of the most spectacular places in the country, such as Piran, Postojna Cave, or Lake Bled.

Ljubljana Slovenia
Ljubljana. Photo: My Wanderlust

Istanbul, Turkey

By Roxanne from Far Away Worlds

At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a fascinating city, and spring is an especially beautiful time to visit this captivating place.

Flowers are blooming, softening the Ottoman architecture and bringing color to the mosques and churches dotted around the city.

The weather is warm and pleasant – the hot and humid days are more common in summer – and there’s scarcely a hint of the crowds you’ll see in July and August.

Spring is the perfect season to plan your Istanbul itinerary. It’s the best time to visit the stunning Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace, and the palace grounds are particularly lovely this time of year, with a colorful selection of flowers.

There are also several festivals happening around the city including the Istanbul Tulip Festival and several dance festivals. No matter where you stay in Istanbul, there’s always something to see and do on your doorstep.

Istanbul from above
Photo 73355402 © Xantana | Dreamstime.com

Budapest, Hungary

A city as photogenic as Budapest is worth a visit at any time of the year, but in spring, you can enjoy the combination of perfect weather, blossoms, and seasonal festivals.

In April, the Cherry Blossom Festival and the Budapest Spring Festival take place. The latter is the largest cultural event in Hungary, and for two weeks, you can enjoy hundreds of music concerts, dance performances, art exhibitions, and much more.

When planning your Budapest itinerary, don’t forget to include landmarks like Fisherman’s Bastion, the Great Synagogue, and the Hungarian Parliament Building, unique activities like street art hunting and Jewish history tours, museums, and cozy cafes.

You can also take day trips from Budapest to beautiful towns such as Szentendre, Gyor, and Eger.

Floral avenue in Budapest

Madrid, Spain

If it’s not your first time here, you know that Madrid has my heart and that it feels like a second home to me.

Spring is an amazing season to explore the city, not only because of the pleasant weather but also because a few spots turn colorfully floral.

In March and April, the almond trees of Quinta de los Molinos Park are in full bloom (but one rainy day is enough to wash the flowers away so timing is critical), and in May, Oeste Park’s rose garden is as colorful as it can be.

If you do come across a rainy spring day, there are plenty of free museums, indoor markets, and cafes in Madrid, so your itinerary can easily be adjusted.

Visit places like the Royal Palace, Prado Museum, and Retiro Park, or discover Madrid’s hidden gems like its secret gardens and palaces.

Retiro Park in Springtime
Best places in Europe for spring break – Madrid

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands

By Victoria from Guide Your Travel

Amsterdam is the perfect place to visit in the Netherlands in spring since this is the time of the year when the Dutch tulips begin to bloom and the whole city is coming alive.

Since the weather will still be pleasantly cool and not too hot, you can take your time to explore the city’s narrow streets either on foot or by bike. Make sure to take a boat tour on one of the many canals and enjoy the stunning views.

You can also take a day trip to the infamous Keukenhof Tulip Gardens with the Keukenhof Express Bus or with a tour.

If you do encounter a rainy day during spring, there are still plenty of indoor activities to choose from.

Visit one of Amsterdam’s many world-famous museums and art galleries, or simply sit in a cafe or restaurant and watch as the city passes you by.

If you don’t have plans yet for spring, Amsterdam should be high on your list. Find out how to plan the perfect itinerary here.

Valencia, Spain

To enjoy one of the most epic spring festivals in Europe, travel in March to Valencia, Spain‘s third-largest city.

The Fallas Festival is a mind-blowing 5-day event that includes giant colorful sculptures, fireworks, parades, illuminated streets, and so much more. If you want to visit, read my detailed Fallas festival guide and Valencia travel tips.

In April and May, the pleasant weather and fewer crowds will let you explore all the incredible things to do in Valencia and its hidden gems.

These include the City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia Cathedral, Silk Exchange, El Carmen neighborhood, and the unique Casa Judia.

If you’re addicted to Spain’s national dish, paella, Valencia will also satisfy your cravings, as this is the region where it was born.

Not only is the city home to dozens of traditional paella restaurants, but you can also take an easy day trip to its actual birthplace – the village of El Palmar.

A sculpture at Las Fallas festival in Valencia
Best places to visit in spring in Europe – Valencia

Vienna, Austria

By Lyubomira from Bulgarian On The Go

Located in the heart of Europe, Vienna is certainly beautiful all year round. But there is something very special about Austria’s capital in spring.

May it be the gorgeous blossom trees, blooming rose gardens, or just the fresh atmosphere of the city – it is definitely worth paying a visit. 

Spring in Vienna is best spent outdoors – go to the Volksgarten, which is covered in 400 kinds of roses, marvel at the beauty of one of the most famous landmarks of Austria, the Schönbrunn Palace, and roam around its gardens and Orangery.

At the beginning of April, the Easter markets take place, while in May, visitors can satisfy their culinary needs at the Genussfestival in Stadtpark. 

Vienna is a very active Austrian city, and it certainly comes to life during spring. You should definitely consider spending at least one or two days in Vienna to experience its magic for yourself.

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St Stephens Cathedral in Vienna Austria

Prague, Czech Republic

By Mayuri from To Some Place New

Prague is one of the best European cities to visit in spring.

This season, especially Prague in March and April, is a delightful time to indulge in off-season travel, hang out at Easter markets, and enjoy seasonal festivities and events.

When Easter week comes, you must go Easter egg hunting in Prague’s Easter Markets like the Velikonocni Trhy.

You can also visit a cathedral and take part in choirs and ceremonies. Festivals and events also include a farmer’s market and a film festival.

Visiting off-season, you can easily explore the city center’s attractions with fewer crowds.

Be sure to visit the Astronomical Clock Tower, Kinksy Palace, Charles Bridge, and the beautiful Prague Castle. These sites will not be busy as compared to the peak summer months.

Prague. Photo: To Some Place New

Belgrade, Serbia

By Ellis from Backpack Adventures

Belgrade in Serbia is one of the best spring destinations in Europe. It’s a city with a tumultuous past that is probably part of the reason that tourism is still in its infancy.

Few people know that Belgrade is actually among the oldest cities in Europe. But Belgrade is becoming more popular for good reasons.

Besides its interesting history, it’s a young and dynamic capital with a thriving nightlife scene and a scenic location at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers.

Spring is when the city awakens. As days get warmer and sunnier, locals go out and about in a joyous mood.

This is a great time to join the locals in the city’s parks, such as the popular Kalemegdan Park in the heart of the city, where you can enjoy beautiful views from the fortress.

It’s also a time of festivities with several spring festivals and widely celebrated Easter traditions.

Freiburg, Germany

By Mark from Wyld Family Travel

An easy day trip from Basel, Freiburg is located in an enviable location, close to the French Alsace Region and Swiss borders and on the edge of the acclaimed Black Forest.

Freiburg receives some of the best weather in Germany with many sunny days, making it one of the best spring break destinations in Europe. There are many things to do in Freiburg for the whole family.

The Bachle is unique to Freiburg. It is a series of small open waterways that flow through the city. Another local sight is the Freiburg Minster, which has been standing since the 12th century.

You can take a cable car from the city center to Schlossberg Hill, from where you will get some fantastic views of the city stretching into the mountains surrounding.

The mild weather is also great for visiting The Mundlehof, an open-air zoo and green zone where people walk and eat at the beer garden.

Freiburg is a lively city with many cafes, bars, beer gardens, and restaurants. Food in Freiburg has a German and French feel, and you should try the Flamkussen and Bratwurst, which are regional specialties.

Day trips to Colmar, Strasbourg, Basel, and Titisee are all doable in under an hour from Freiburg.

best spring breaks in Europe - Freiburg
Freiburg. Photo: Wyld Family Travel

Best Destinations to Visit in Spring in Europe: Regions Worth Exploring

Cappadocia, Turkey

By David from The World Travel Guy

The historical area of Cappadocia in central Turkey is full of natural wonders and unique landscapes, and spring is a great time to visit, with cooler weather and fewer crowds!

There are lots of good things to do in Cappadocia, Turkey, but the most popular activity by far is the signature hot air balloon ride.

More than half of the world’s hot air balloon rides happen in Cappadocia, and it’s an especially scenic place to do it because of all the rock formations you can see from above.

History buffs will be interested to know that this was the site of human settlements carved by refugees during the Roman Empire.

Most of the rock buildings and underground cities of Cappadocia can still be seen today, and they look just like Star Wars movie sets.

Other good reasons to come here are Turkish food, cave hotels, and numerous hiking trails.

Unique rock formations in Cappadocia
Cappadocia. Photo: The World Travel Guy

Madeira Island, Portugal

By Megan from Virginia Travel Tips

Portugal’s Madeira Island is spectacular no matter when you visit it, but it especially shines in spring!

The destination is renowned for its title of ‘eternal springtime’ actually, and it really feels that way when you visit as flowers and greenery are ever-present.

Surrounded by mountains, prehistoric volcanoes, waterfalls, and other natural wonders, Madeira is actually a bit cheaper in spring as the high season hasn’t been reached yet.

It will make accommodation easier to come by (especially earlier in the season). Some of the best activities for spring are hiking the levadas, whale watching, snorkeling, and more.

Another reason to visit Madeira in spring is that there are different festivals throughout the island. One of the top festivals is the Madeira Flower Festival.

This is when the island celebrates spring’s arrival with thousands of flowers lining the streets, which is truly an epic experience.

Madeira Island in spring
Madeira in spring. Photo: Virginia Travel Tips

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Mallorca, Spain

With pleasant weather, a lot fewer tourists, and a whole lot to do and see, Mallorca in spring is a paradise.

Whether you want to explore the island by car to see its hidden gems, plan a Mallorca itinerary by public transport, or do nothing but soak up the sun, you’ll discover a mix of dreamy beaches, soul-cleansing nature, and charming towns.

The capital, Palma de Mallorca, makes for a great weekend getaway in Spain.

From historical landmarks and an enchanting old town to art museums and modernist architecture to tapas bars and cozy cafes, this coastal city is delightful. Be sure to visit the Palma Cathedral, Bellver Castle, and the Royal Palace of La Almudaina.

Continuing to the countryside, the UNESCO-listed Serra de Tramuntana mountain range is home to picturesque towns like Valldemossa, Soller, and Deia, scenic viewpoints (like Mirador Es Colomer), and magical beaches (like Platja de Formentor).

In eastern Mallorca, you’ll find the infamous Drach Caves, Mondragó Natural Park, a mesmerizing coastline, and much more.

This island is also a great destination for adventurers, wine lovers, history buffs, and other types of travelers.

Old stone houses in the village of Valldemossa in Mallorca Spain

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By Leyla from Offbeat France

Spring is perfect for offbeat destinations in France: the crowds haven’t yet arrived, and nature is in bloom.

But spring can also mean variable weather, and one destination that offers both indoor and outdoor experiences is the Loire department – not to be confused with the nearby Loire Valley.

The Loire department (number 42 in France’s numbering system) is a network of delightful villages, medieval churches, Renaissance chateaux, and quirky museums. One such chateau is the Bâtie d’Urfé, built in the 16th century, and inspired by the owner’s trip to Italy.

He also built a grotto, which is unique in France, and made entirely of shells, sand, and pebbles.

Beyond this chateau are the delightful villages of Ambierle and St-Haon-le-Chatel, with winding streets and ancient architecture, ideal for strolling.

If the weather shifts to rain or cooler temperatures, some of the area’s fun museums are the perfect refuge – the Hat Museum, for example, which keeps felting traditions alive, or the Silk Museum, which does the same for silk.

The area, by the way, is also known for its food and wine…

A village in the Loire Department
Ambierle. Photo: Offbeat France

Caucasus Region, Armenia/Azerbaijan/Georgia

By Megan from Absolute Armenia

The Caucasus is a wonderful region to put on your bucket list of the best European spring destinations. It includes Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, as well as the North Caucasus.

The reason this region inspires during the springtime is that winter moves out of the area and flowers are all over the place, making it colorful and lively once again.

You will find that the waterfalls in Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan are gushing after the snow melts in the mountains, and many holidays are celebrated in the region during this time.

Another perk of visiting during spring is that the region suffers from extremely hot temperatures during summer, and spring is comfortable and offers a pleasurable city experience regardless of whether you’re in Baku, Tbilisi, or Yerevan.

Spring is also a great time for events and festivals in the Southern Caucasus.

Baku hosts many events, including the Formula1 Races in April, Armenia has festivals such as Urvakan Music Fest and Yerevan Wine Days in May, and Georgia has a fantastic International Folk Festival.

Interested in planning a trip? Don’t forget to read these things you need to know before traveling to Armenia!

best places in europe in spring - Armenia
Armenia. Photo: Absolute Armenia

Alsace, France

Although it is known as a magical Christmas destination, the Alsace Wine Route is ideal for a spring trip. This is the oldest wine route in France, boasting carpets of vineyards dotted with storybook medieval villages, exquisite wineries, and old castle ruins.

Spring is the time when the scenery here is vibrantly green, the sky is clear, the weather is pleasant, and the Kutzig tourist bus, which lets you explore Alsace’s most famous villages without a car, starts operating again.

Those include the lovely Colmar and the dreamy Riquewihr, Kaysersberg, and Eguiseim, to name a few.

You should, of course, also have some wine tastings in the local wineries (I LOVED Freudenreich Joseph et Fils in Eguisheim), visit landmarks like the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle, and even engage in activities like hiking and cycling.

You can also spend a couple of days in the beautiful city of Strasbourg, exploring its UNESCO-listed historic center, enjoying its culinary scene, and strolling through the intriguing Neustadt district.

houses and river in Kaysersberg France

Devon, England

By Kat from Wandering Bird

Devon in south England is one of the prettiest and best places to visit in Europe in spring.

Trees are green and lush and all the spring flowers are in bloom – thousands of daffodils, tulips, and bluebells. You can also easily find cozy lodges in Devon, as well as other fantastic accommodations.

If you’d like to walk in a forest that is full of bluebells, head to Buzzards Woods, a National Trust-managed property. Parking is free and you can roam for hours, mesmerized by the sea of blue.

If you like flowers, this is also the time to add Dartmoor and the Dunsford Nature Reserve to your Devon Road Trip itinerary – famous for the wild daffodils that grow in abundance.

If you’re lucky, you’ll also see baby deer, chicks, and other wildlife coming out to enjoy the warmer weather. 

You should also visit Devon in springtime for the food festivals. One of the biggest is the Exeter Festival of South-West Food and Drink, set on the grounds of Exeter Castle Courtyard and Northernhay Gardens.

Producers from around the region bring their best delicacies, and there are awards and demonstrations throughout. The Festival usually happens in early May.

best spring destinations in Europe - Devon
Bluebells in Devon. Photo: Wandering Bird

Lofoten Islands, Norway

By Megan from Megan & Aram

Spring in the Lofoten Islands differs from year to year, but one thing is for certain – it is stunning!

In some seasons, the winter in Lofoten will last until only March, and in other seasons, it will stick around until May.

However, one of the biggest perks of visiting Lofoten during spring is that the northern lights are still around, and you don’t have the midnight sun (or polar nights).

You can beat the crowds and witness them with cheaper prices and small tour groups.

Another advantage is that you can start the hiking and surfing season again. Unstad Arctic Surf in Bøstad is open and ready to teach visitors to surf these Arctic waves with ease.

You can also rent a car and travel around the islands very easily with less traffic on the roads during spring.

Some of the best places to visit and things to do in the Lofoten Islands during this time of year are Henningsvær, a fishing village with peaceful views and a charming harbor, horseback riding under the northern lights with Hovgård on Gimsøy, and experiencing the luxury of the Lofoten Rørbuer, fisherman cabins converted into accommodation.

Lofoten Islands
The Lofoten Islands. Photo: Megan & Aram

Puglia, Italy

If you want to enjoy one of Italy’s most popular summer spots but prefer to travel when there are much fewer crowds, Puglia in spring is for you.

This southern region is known for its pretty coastal towns (like Poignano a Mare) and dreamy beaches, though inland, you’ll find lovely countryside and must-see towns like Alberobello (and its unique Trulli houses) and Locorotondo.

It’s also the biggest producer of olive oil and one of the best yet undiscovered wine regions in Italy, and not surprisingly, the food here is absolutely incredible, offering typical dishes such as orecchiette with broccoli rabe, Tiella (a baked delicacy made with rice, potatoes, and mussels), and spaghetti allassassina.

If you’re not looking to go for a swim, you can even visit Puglia in March, but the weather gets more pleasant in late spring.

In addition, you can visit Puglia without a car by taking day trips from Bari, the capital.

viewpoint of sea and houses in Polignano a Mare, Italy

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Ticino, Switzerland

By Daria from The Discovery Nut

The only Italian-speaking canton of Switzerland, Ticino makes for a perfect spring destination thanks to its stunning scenery and mild temperatures.

Surrounded by the Southern Alps, Ticino has a warmer climate than the rest of Switzerland, which makes spring come here earlier.

Many of its major cities have a unique Mediterranean flair but offer an unmistakable Swiss character.

As winter chills away, warm weather moves in, giving way to opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and enjoying time outdoors in places like Valley Verzasca and Valley Maggia.

And Ticino is home not only to gorgeous scenery but also to many museums and cultural landmarks.

For example, a trip to Bellinzona, one of the best places to visit in Ticino (and its capital), is a must because of its castles, which are one of the main attractions in the entire canton.

This UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site will amaze you with its incredible architecture amid the green rolling hills of the surrounding valley.

A village in Ticino Switzeland
Ticino. Photo: The Discovery Nut

West Coast of Cyprus

By Smita from My Faulty Compass

A wonderful mix of stunning natural beauty and fascinating history and folklore, the west coast of Cyprus is a dream destination, especially during the spring when the weather is perfect and there are barely any tourists!

Base yourself in Paphos and start your trip with the most iconic of Cyprus attractions – Petra tou Romiou, the birthplace of the legendary Aphrodite.

It is an idyllic location to take in the sunset or take a swim around the Aphrodite rock if you’d like to be blessed by the Goddess with eternal youth and beauty!

The city of Paphos itself is a historic treasure with its archaeological sites such as the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park and the Tombs of the Kings. 

For more natural beauty, head to the Akamas peninsula. With its mountains, forests, and rugged coastline, this is the spot for some of the best hikes on the island.

Paphos Cyprus
Cyprus. Photo: My Faulty Compass

Rhodopes Region, Bulgaria

By Bilyana from Owl Over The World

The Rhodopes region encompasses Rhodopes Mountain, which is the largest mountain in Bulgaria. It is about 240 km long and 100 to 120 km wide. The average altitude of Rhodopes Mountain is 785 meters. 

The Rhodopes region is home to many dams where locals love to go camping, karst areas, deep river gorges, large caves, and some of the most charming villages to visit in Bulgaria.

The Waterfalls Canyon, close to the city of Smolyan, is perfect for a spring trip. The rains and the melted snow make the water levels high, so everything is green, and the trees are blooming. 

Thracian tribes inhabited the Rhodopes for centuries and have left a rich cultural heritage. Many remains of their culture can be seen, including the ancient sites of Belintash, Perperikon, and Tatul.

The best way to explore the Rhodopes region is by car. Some places are very remote, and as an alternative, you can visit them on a hike or by bike (the Rhodopes are one of the best places for mountain biking in the country).

Rhodopes region in Bulgaria
Bulgaria. Photo: Owl Over The World

Provence, France

By Nadine from Le Long Weekend

From late March, the landscape in Provence comes alive after a dormant winter, and spring blossoms and colorful crops fill the fields once again.

It starts with the delicate almond blossom before vibrant yellow rapeseed fills the scene, and then the region’s famed poppies take center stage.

But it’s not just the countryside that comes to life.

Spring is the season of brocantes – flea markets (including one of the biggest antique fairs in Europe – held in L’isle-sur-la-Sorgue), art exhibitions (such as the nationwide Journées des Métiers d’Art), and food festivals.

Everything from strawberries to goat’s cheese has its own place on the calendar, and attending these local festivities is a fabulous way of experiencing local life.

The weather is typically warm in spring, making it perfect for visiting the famed farmer’s markets, hiking the Calanques, visiting the region’s wineries, and exploring the charming streets of its villages and towns.

A village in Provence
Provence. Photo: Le Long Weekend

Andalucia, Spain

Being the hottest region in Spain, Andalucia is an ideal destination for a European spring trip.

Steeped in history, it provides an opportunity to step back in time in the most stunning cities and their UNESCO-listed landmarks while also enjoying the beauty of white-washed villages and natural landscapes.

In the city of Granada, you can visit the magnificent Alhambra – a royal complex dating back to Moorish times, stroll through the historic neighborhoods of Sacromonte and Albayzín, and marvel at the cathedral.

In Cordoba, you can immerse yourself in the Jewish history of Andalucia, and in Seville, you should visit the Royal Alcázars of Seville, the jaw-dropping Gothic cathedral, and the photogenic Plaza de España.

Away from the cities, you’ll find enchanting villages such as Setenil de las Bodegas and Mijas, as well as national and natural parks like the Sierra Nevada and Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas.

In spring, apart from Easter celebrations across Andalucia, major seasonal festivals take place, from Seville’s Feria de Abril to the Patios de Cordoba, an explosion of colorful flowers.

While it is possible to get around the region’s cities by public transport, it’s best to take a road trip through Andalucia to visit its stunning villages, parks, and hidden gems.

Views of the Alhambra royal complex in Granada Spain

West Coast of Ireland

By Luke from Wild About BC

Taking a road trip along the wild and rugged West Coast of Ireland is an epic adventure.

Spring is an ideal time to visit as the weather is much better than in the winter and you’ll get all of the natural beauty with almost none of the crowds.

It’s not for nothing that the West Coast is one of the top places you must visit in Ireland. It’s known for its stormy seas and large waves battering the shoreline, so you will have a chance to witness the raw power of the Atlantic.

Some of the highlights along the West Coast include the Cliffs of Moher, Galway City, and Slieve League, but you should also visit some of the prettiest coastal towns in Ireland like Westport and Dingle.

One of the most fun parts of a road trip here is exploring some of the lesser-known areas and enjoying a pint of Guinness in tiny local pubs (where you’ll wonder where all the customers actually come from).

A visit to the beautiful Emerald Isle is one you will never forget.

West coast ireland
West Coast of Ireland. Photo: Wild About BC

Northern Ireland

By Allan from It’s Sometimes Sunny in Bangor

For many, spring is the best time to visit Northern Ireland, as it marks the beginning of the tourist season with the reopening of many of the country’s scenic tourist attractions.

This includes the opening of many gardens and tours of historic homes and manors, many of which are run by the National Trust.

Northern Ireland is also a compact and close-knit country to explore, so a road trip is perfect at this time of the year through the many gardens and homes.

Some of the more popular attractions include the Hillsborough Castle and Gardens, which is the official residence in Northern Ireland of the Queen and Royal Family.

Other visit-worthy National Trust properties are the gardens of Mount Stewart, Castle Ward (famous as the filming location of Winterfell in the Game of Thrones), and Rowallane Gardens.

gardens of Mount Stewart
Gardens of Mount Stewart. Photo: It’s Sometimes Sunny in Bangor

Latgale Region, Latvia

By Margherita from The Crowded Planet

Not many people may have heard of the Latgale region in Eastern Latvia, a wonderful destination for nature lovers. Latgale is especially known for its many lakes.

The largest is Lake Lubans, an excellent birdwatching destination located on the migration route between Scandinavia and Southern Europe.

There are also many more outdoor experiences you can enjoy – paddleboarding to the ruins of Koknese Castle, kayaking along interconnected lakes, and mountain biking to a village of Old Believers (a religious Russian Orthodox minority with a unique culture and cuisine).

The main town in the region is Daugavpils, known for its fortress and for being the birthplace of the artist Mark Rothko. There is now a museum and arts center dedicated to him in the fortress, where you can also spend the night.

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy Latgale, as the weather is generally nice and sunny, the flowers are in bloom, and it’s a great time for birdwatching!

One of the best countries to visit in spring – Latvia. Photo: The Crowded Planet

Cinque Terre, Italy

By Monique from Trip Anthropologist

April and May are the perfect months to visit the Cinque Terre. The weather is warm, but it gets dark at around 5 pm, and it can sometimes rain.

This means that getting out onto the sea and lazing on the tiny harbor beaches of the Cinque Terre is lovely in the middle of the day.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is best discovered by walking and hiking. Above Vernazza and the other five villages are hiking paths through orchards, olive groves, and medieval fortifications and castles.

Walking and hiking through the villages is one of the best activities in the Cinque Terre as much of the beauty comes from the colorful houses and the winding cobblestone streets.

The Cinque Terre is best accessed by train – the railway winds along the coastline and through tunnels and is an exciting way to arrive at these beautiful villages.

Durmitor National Park, Montenegro

By Angeline from Go Around Philippines

Montenegro is a small country with different landscapes. Spring is the best time to experience its Adriatic coast, its stunning rugged mountains, and the limestone peaks of the Durmitor National Park.

Durmitor is a breathtaking national park formed by glaciers and is traversed by rivers and underground streams. The best way to see it is by renting a car and going on a road trip.

Start from the capital of Podgorica and continue going up to Durmitor Park. The park has about fifty peaks higher than 2,000 meters above sea level with alpine meadows and forests, glacial lakes, and spectacular canyons.

Many endemic animals can be found in the park too. The Tara River Gorge, Europe’s deepest gorge can also be found here. You can hike, camp, swim in the lakes, go mountaineering and canoeing, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Tara Rivers Gorge
Montenegro. Photo: Go Around Philippines

Algarve Region, Portugal

By Alya & Campbell from Stingy Nomads

The sunny Algarve region in the south of Portugal is a perfect destination for a spring vacation in Europe. The Algarve is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, hidden bays and coves, warm turquoise color water, and delicious seafood.

Spring is the best time to visit the Algarve – sunny warm days, not too many tourists, thousands of spring flowers cover the fields along the coast, and hundreds of storks are nesting on the edges of the cliffs.

April and May are the best months for outdoor activities in the region. There are many breathtaking hiking trails along the coast, a couple of great surfing and kitesurfing spots, and several cycling routes with picturesque views.

Spring isn’t the high season in the Algarve, which means there will be plenty of accommodation options for a reasonable price, unlike during the summer holiday season.

There is an international airport in Faro, the region’s capital, and most smaller towns can be reached by daily public buses from Lisbon. 

Moray Speyside, Scotland

By Eric from Food and Drink Destinations

The Speyside region of northeastern Scotland is certainly worth visiting.

Over 150 miles north of both Edinburgh and Glasgow, Speyside can be reached by car or train. The region is a must for those who travel for food, nature, and history.

Famous for being home to the highest concentration of whisky distilleries in Scotland, you can sample numerous whiskies by traveling the world’s only Malt Whisky Trail.

For lovers of nature and history, the Speyside region features rolling hillsides, crystal blue rivers, and, of course, castles. There are plenty of opportunities to explore Speyside on foot via the Speyside Way, a 60+ mile-long walking route.

Scotland’s food doesn’t always have the best reputation. In Speyside, chefs are using incredible ingredients from the land and sea to rewrite what people know about Scottish food.

On your next trip to Scotland, make sure to carve off a few days to visit Speyside.

Want to see more of Scotland? Here are some of the most beautiful Scottish Islands!

A river in Scotland
Speyside. Photo: Food and Drink Destinations

Dalmatia Region, Croatia

By Baia from Red Fedora Diary

Dalmatia region in Croatia is a narrow tract of the east coast of the Adriatic, covering a central coastal strip and dozens of nearby islands in the Adriatic.

It features some of the most beautiful places in Croatia, including the iconic cities of Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, and Sibenik, to name a few. 

So, if you are looking for relaxing, idyllic spring holiday destinations in Europe with fewer crowds that also offer rich history and culture, consider planning a trip across Dalmatia. 

The weather in spring here is warm enough to wander through its charming city streets with a light jacket, admiring the spring bloom and enjoying the sun’s rays.

It’s also a good time to visit the famous Plitvice and Krka National Parks in peace.

In late spring, with warmer weather, you can even try to take a dip in the sea at one of its popular islands.

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