24 Best Places to Visit in Northern Italy in October

If you’re in search of the best places to visit in Northern Italy in October, you’ve come to the right blog.

I still have so much to experience in this area, which is one of my favorites, and although you’ll find things to do during every season, early fall ticks a lot of boxes. Shall we start?

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*I try to keep the information on this blog as updated as possible, but I still recommend consulting the latest prices, opening hours, and other details on the official website of each site, hotel, and tour, as well as checking the updated public transport routes and timetables.

Best Places to Visit in Northern Italy in October
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Is It Worth Visiting Northern Italy in October?

My short answer is ‘YES’, but before deciding if this is the right time for you to travel to Italy’s northern regions (Piedmont, Aosta Valley, Liguria, Lombardy, Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and Emilia-Romagna), here’s what you need to know in general.

Weather: The average temperatures in recent years across these regions are 20°C-22°C (68°F-71.5°F) by day at the beginning of the month, getting slightly cooler each week. The second half of the month is more likely to have some rainy days.

Accommodation prices: Even though it’s the shoulder season, not every destination will show a dip in hotel prices as some are highly visited year-round. That said, many cities and towns will definitely offer more affordable prices.

Crowds: Some places on this list are under the radar year-round, and those that are usually busy in summer are getting less crowded in early fall.

Events: This is the time when unique fall festivals take place like the International Alba White Truffle Fair, the National Chestnut Fair of Cuneo, several wine festivals, and more.

It’s also the end of the visiting season for many landmarks (which reopen only in March or April), so check the accurate opening times on their official website.

Best Places to Visit in Northern Italy in October


By Mal & Robin of Where To Stay In Italy 101

If you’re planning to visit Venice but hate the crowds, October is the perfect time to go. The summer crowds have thinned, and the sunny yet not super hot weather is ideal for exploring.

Another great reason to visit in October is the affordable rates on some of the coolest boutique hotels in Venice. A good choice is Baglioni Hotel Luna, which boasts a great spa. 

Built on over 100 small islands with no roads and just canals, Venice is one of the most unique places to visit in Europe. Interestingly, Venice slowly sinks at a rate of 1-2 millimeters a year due to the soft ground it’s built on and the rising sea levels.

One of the most famous things to do in Venice is to take a romantic gondola ride through its picturesque canals.

Other must-visit places include the Doge’s Palace and the grand St. Mark’s Basilica, both located on Piazza San Marco in the heart of the city. 

Waterfront of the Grand Canal in Venice Italy
Venice by Where To Stay In Italy 101


By Emily & Andrew from Along Dusty Roads

A city of star-crossed lovers and operatic fame, Verona has seduced many a traveler over the centuries.

And whilst its connections with a certain Romeo may be the most popular of reasons to visit, the roles of Romans and Renaissance artists have been more significant in shaping this beautiful northern Italian city than a fictional Shakespearean tragedy.

Indeed, it is Verona’s dedication to the world of art that makes it an ideal destination to visit during October, when the city hosts its annual modern and contemporary art festival – ArtVerona – dedicated to established Italian artists and emerging national talent.

It is also a wonderful time to explore the historic center (don’t miss the incredible Roman Amphitheatre) when the summer crowds have thinned, the weather remains mild, and the seasons are beginning to change.

Be sure to climb to the top of Torre Lambreti for fantastic views over the city and the Veneto countryside beyond; a vista made ever more beautiful by the autumnal colors.

Views over Verona and its river
Verona by Along Dusty Roads


By Diana from Travels in Poland

October is one of the best months to visit Trieste. After the heat slowly starts to fade away in September, the Adriatic Sea is still warm to swim in and has few tourists lining the beaches.

Trieste sits at the nexus of Italian, Slavic, and Germanic influences, making it a fascinating spot for those intrigued by Europe’s cultures. The city’s historical sites, like the majestic Miramare Castle with its panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea, become even more captivating.

Trieste has a great central walking area where visitors can stroll down the Molo Audace walkway, which juts out into the sea, or visit the nearby Castello di San Giusto.

The very best way to see the area is to take a private tour. Similar to experiences available in other countries such as Poland & Germany, tours in Italy can do a deep dive into history, providing unique details usually not learned elsewhere.

Trieste is also a fantastic place to try phenomenal seafood, freshly caught from the Adriatic. It is featured prominently on menus and is complemented by the region’s white wines, which come straight from the surrounding vineyards.

City and sea views of Trieste Italy
Trieste by Travels in Poland


By Taima from Poor in a Private Plane

Located less than an hour from Milan by train, Brescia is a hidden gem in Northern Italy‘s Lombardy region, ideal for a day trip.

With a history spanning 3,200 years, from a Gallic capital to a Roman city named Brixia, it has endured various rulers and events, including the 1849 uprising known as the Ten Days of Brescia.

Its architecture and culture reflect a rich past, with Renaissance masterpieces still intact.

Start your day by visiting the Castle of Brescia, which offers stunning city views. In October, the fall foliage adds to its charm.

After visiting the castle, you can make your way back into the city, stopping at the Duomo Nuovo and Duomo Vecchio (The New and Old Cathedrals). The Duomo Nuovo, built in the 17th century, features an impressive dome and stunning frescoes.

Next, head to Piazza della Loggia, one of the most picturesque squares in Brescia. Surrounded by elegant buildings and a charming clock tower, this square is the perfect spot to grab a coffee and people-watch.

From there, stroll through Piazza Vittoria and Piazza Mercato, both bustling squares filled with local markets, shops, and restaurants.

However, the true highlight of Brescia is the Archaeological Park of Roman Brescia. This open-air museum, with well-preserved ruins and artifacts, takes you through ancient Roman times. The amphitheater, forum, and other structures are truly impressive.

Views from above over the city of Brescia
Brescia by Poor in a Private Plane


By Brenda from Traveleira

If there’s a place in Northern Italy I recommend visiting, that’s Udine in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. 

Besides being a city that borders Slovenia, Udine offers views and things to do on your Italy itinerary that might be different from the rest of the country.

I found the number of agriturismo wineries all around the city amazing. Here, you can stay and try the local wines while supporting local tourism. 

I also enjoyed the contrasts it offers. Did you know that Friuli Venezia Giulia is the only region in Italy where its main dish is not pasta?

When you visit Udine, make sure to try the Frico Friulano. The Frico is like an eggless omelet made of Montasio cheese and potatoes that are fried together in a pan and is one of the most delicious things you’ll try.

Udine also offers great places to see nearby, such as Cividale del Friuli, Grado, and Gorizia, where you can see the Roman ruins of Aquileia.

Town and bridge views of Udine Italy
Udine by Traveleira

The Italian Lake District: Garda, Como, Maggiore, and Orta

If your idea of a dreamy trip includes natural landscapes, colorful lakeside towns, old fortresses, and magnificent villas, the lakes of Garda, Como, Maggiore, and Orta will be right up your alley.

Traveling in October means enjoying much cheaper hotel prices, but there’s also a chance for rainy days, so opt for a trip at the beginning of the month.

While it seems possible to use public transport to explore the area, I highly recommend taking a road trip through the Italian lake district.

In Lake Garda, you can lose yourself in the alleys of charming towns like Sirmione and Malcesine, take a boat tour, or head a bit north to the turquoise Lake Tenno (a total heart-stealing gem!).

Lake Como is internationally known for towns like Bellagio and luxurious villas with beautiful gardens, some of which are open to the public, including Villa Carlotta and Villa del Balbianello.

If that’s not enough, more villas, palaces, and gardens can be admired on the Borromean Islands in Lake Maggiore, and to top it all off, end your road trip in Lake Orta, an underrated spot I’m happy I added to my itinerary.

Views from Sirmione's Castle


By Jacoba from Op Reis Met Co

Padua is one of the oldest cities in northern Italy and has yet to be discovered by the crowds.

What makes it such an interesting place to visit? There are several amazing things to do in Padua.

First of all, make sure to check out the incredible Prato della Valle, as this is the largest square in all of Italy. On the square, you can admire dozens of large statues. 

Padua is also famous because of its artworks, mainly the many frescos. You can check them out in places like Basilica di Sant’Antonio and Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta.

What makes Padua extra special is that it also has this vibrant young vibe, as it is a university city. So you’ll also find hip cafés and street art. 

October is one of the best months to visit. You won’t encounter many other tourists, and the weather is still delightful. Temperatures are perfect for roaming the streets and discovering beautiful historic sights. 

The main square of Padua Italy
Padua by Op Reis Met Co

Fusine Lakes

By Adri from Traveltipzone

If you’re looking for a Northern Italian destination in October, consider visiting the picturesque Fusine Lakes.

The Fusine Lakes, or Laghi di Fusine, are located in northeastern Italy, in the Julian Alps near the town of Tarvisio. They are becoming increasingly popular destinations in this area and are easily accessible by car from both Italy and neighboring countries like Austria and Slovenia.

The two lakes are Lago di Fusine Superiore (Upper Lake) and Lago di Fusine Inferiore (Lower Lake). Both lakes offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains, including the famous Mangart Mountain.

Personally, it’s one of my favorite attractions in the area, which I’ve visited almost every season, but autumn is undoubtedly one of the best choices.

You can avoid the summer crowds at the lakes, and the colorful trees in October give the landscape a wonderful autumn atmosphere.

The weather is generally still pleasant for hiking in the area and spending a few hours in nature. Both lakes are walkable around, you can rent a boat at the lower lake, and it’s worth trying some Friulian dishes at one of the restaurants around the lakes.

Fusine Lakes in northern Italy
Fusine by Traveltipzone


By Claudia from My Adventures Across The World

Treviso is a medium-sized city in the region of Veneto. Generally overlooked by tourists, it’s actually a nice place to visit on a day trip from Venice

It is very easy to reach by train – it takes under 40 minutes, and there are regular departures from Venice’s main train station.

Once there, you will find yourself immersed in a city that still retains all of its local character, and where mass tourism (despite the vicinity to Venice) has yet to arrive.

October is a perfect month to visit Treviso. While the summer is often unbearably hot and humid here, by the beginning of fall, temperatures are milder, and this makes exploring way more pleasant.

When the heat and humidity of the summer are gone, there are also fewer mosquitoes (this is the heart of the Po Valley after all!).

There are many things to do in Treviso to keep you busy for a day. First of all, head to the historic center to check out the ramparts built in the 13th century to defend the city once it joined the Republic of Venice. Spot the many canals that are lovely for a walk. 

Then, sit down for a glorious meal. The fish market in the city brings excellent fish and seafood, so you can have a go at the cicchetti (the best is fried calamari) with a glass of Prosecco. You may not know this, but Prosecco comes from the Treviso area!

A woman riding a bike in a main square in Treviso Italy
Treviso by My Adventures Across The World


By Helen from Helen on Her Holidays

Tirano is a small, historic town in the Valtellina area of Lombardy, right next to the border with Switzerland.

The main reason for visiting Tirano is because of its position at the southern end of the famous Bernina Express train journey from Chur and St Moritz in Switzerland.

If you decide to stay in Tirano, there are some interesting things to do in and around the town.

The Santuario della Beata Vergine di Tirano (Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Tirano) church dates back to 1523, and the Bernina line crosses the piazza right in front of it.

If you visit Tirano in October, you’ll just catch the end of the visiting season at Palazzo Salis, a magnificent, 500-year-old palace with amazing frescoes.

The first weekend of October also sees a food festival take place in Villa di Tirano, celebrating the area’s apples and grapes.

Bernina Express train in the Tirano station
The Bernina Express by Helen on Her Holidays

Cinque Terre

By Taylor from Culture Craving Couple

Cinque Terre is one of the best places to visit in Italy in October because you have the perfect blend of nice weather and cheaper prices!

The temperature averages around 69°F (20.5°C), which is still warm enough to get out and explore the 3 main cities in Cinque Terre National Park – Cornigilia, Vernazza, and Manarola – without feeling like you’re melting.

I recommend buying the Cinque Terre Card to make getting between the cities easier.

After a long day of hiking, you can also experience some of the most beautiful sunsets of the year brought by perfect temperature and clear skies of October. They are even more beautiful than the ones I witnessed visiting Mallorca in October!

Another plus is that this is harvest time in the vineyards, so you can taste a lot of Italian wine, especially in Riomaggiore.

If food is more your thing, you’ll find plenty of fall food festivals in the main town of the region, Monterosso al Mare, especially during the weekend.

Views over one of the town of Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre by Culture Craving Couple


By Diana from Travels in Poland

When choosing to visit Northern Italy during October, the Dolomites are a spectacular destination, as the landscape is covered by autumn colors and the temperature has cooled enough to enjoy the outdoors without the heat.

The experience is further sweetened by the fact that accommodation prices take a dip, making it easier to snag a cozy spot without breaking the bank.

While the Dolomites are a haven for nature lovers where hiking or mountain biking is best done in the fall, visitors should visit some of the cities in the Dolomites to explore the local history.

Bolzano is the best base for exploring as it has public transportation going to all the small cities in the Dolomites. The city itself has a fascinating history, and it’s worth taking a tour that includes the Bolzano Transit Camp, once a point of passage for those sent to Auschwitz.  

From Bolzano, a visit to the Fanes-Sennes-Prags National Park or, a bit further, the Parco Naturale Tre Cime, can be done on your own or through a day tour. If you’re driving, however, ensure you travel during the daytime, as much of the winding road is unlit in the evening.

Smaller towns such as Pozza di Fassa are also worth visiting, as there are lifts to head up and go hiking on trails like the San Nicolo Trail. For families, Latemar Montagnanimata is a thematic park where children partake in a dragon hunt.

Ultimately, the entire Dolomite area has hundreds of small cities, restaurants, and hiking trails, all with a stunning landscape. It’s absolutely worth heading there in the off-season.

Mountain and town views in the Dolomites
A taste of the Dolomites by Travels in Poland


By Stephanie from Bey of Travel

Milan is one of the largest cities in northern Italy! In October, it shakes off the heat of summer and welcomes the crisp air of autumn, painting the fashion capital in hues of gold and auburn. 

If you’re plotting a getaway to this Italian marvel, you’re in for a treat beyond the runway. The weather is perfect for heading outdoors, and there are even fewer tourists towards the end of October.

Be sure to check off the Duomo di Milano and take a guided tour to truly appreciate its history and artistry. Another must-do is to see The Last Supper, and this attraction gets sold out even in the fall, so book in advance.

In October, Milanese cuisine features the best of the autumn harvest – truffles, mushrooms, and pumpkin dishes reign supreme.

In terms of packing, bring a versatile jacket that can seamlessly transition from day to night. A light scarf can also provide warmth during those breezier evenings.

And, of course, comfortable walking shoes are a must – Milan is a city that’s best explored on foot. Don’t forget a compact umbrella!

Read more:

Duomo di Milano on a sunny day
Duomo di Milano


By Maria from Map and Camera

October is one of the best months to visit Bergamo. At the beginning of fall in Northern Italy, the weather is still warm and pleasant without being hot.

Bergamo is a charming medieval town, best known as Milan’s low-cost airport. It is very underrated by tourists, so you can explore it without the usual crowds.

The heart of the city is Citta Alta (The Upper Town). Visit the Accademia Carrara, which houses works by Raphael and Botticelli, and take a look inside the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, where Donizetti’s tomb is located. 

Climb the Clock Tower for a panoramic view of the old town. To this day, the bell still rings every evening at 10 p.m. to mark the closing of the city gates.

Last but not least, go to the Old Square, which was the center of commerce in the Middle Ages. Take a seat in one of the restaurants around it and enjoy the fall sunshine with a glass of wine.

A piazza in Bergamo Old Town
Bergamo by Map and Camera

Aosta Valley

While it’s a famous Italian winter destination thanks to its ski resorts, Aosta Valley in early October is absolutely idyllic. I got to enjoy perfect weather, clear skies, lusciously green scenery, and no crowds.

This region is ideal for nature lovers (hikers and non-hikers alike), boasting never-ending landscapes dotted with alpine towns, medieval castles, and even vineyards. Not gonna lie – I teared up once or twice.

It is Italy’s smallest region, but Aosta Valley offers a lot to see, from jaw-dropping views of the Mont Blanc at the Skyway Monte Bianco cable car to the beauty of Lake Brusson to the scenic trails of the Gran Paradiso National Park.

If you love sightseeing, don’t miss the Roman Theatre in Aosta (currently closed until May 2025), the Fenis Castle, and the Fort of Bard, and I’m sure you’ll also be enchanted by towns and hamlets like Courmayeur, Cogne, and Avise.

It’s important to know that some restaurants and hotels in Aosta Valley are closed in the shoulder season, but that shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Read more:

Natural landscapes and houses in Aosta Valley
Aosta Valley


Turin has quickly become one of my favorite cities in Italy, especially because it’s still quite under the radar amongst international travelers.

Being ruled by the House of Savoy for centuries and serving as the first capital of Italy as a unified kingdom, its history and culture are incredibly fascinating. Fun fact: It’s the birthplace of solid chocolate, the aperitivo tradition, and the Lavazza coffee empire.

It offers a tempting mix of UNESCO-listed royal palaces, unique themed museums everyone will love, beautiful cathedrals, an incredible culinary scene, and even historic chocolate shops and cafes.

Visiting in early October rewarded me with the most pleasant weather, perfect for strolling through the lovely historic center and other spots like Valentino Park and open-air markets.

If it does rain, plenty of indoor activities are available, including visiting the Royal Palace, Palazzo Madama, Egyptian Museum, and National Museum of Cinema (housed in the gorgeous Mole Antonelliana building).

I know many people choose to spend 2-3 days in Turin, but you can definitely extend your stay without getting bored, whether you’re just exploring the city or taking day trips.

Read more about Turin:

Castello del Valentino in Turin Italy
Castello del Valentino in Turin


By Alex from Adventure to Every Country

Bologna is a historical city home to the world’s oldest university: The University of Bologna. Education and food are the two things it is best known for. 

In fact, Bologna was crowned the world’s food capital in 2022 by readers of Conde Nast Traveller. 

Bologna is a great city to visit in October because this is the tail end of summer, and the weather is still warm enough to enjoy but not so warm it’s uncomfortable. 

The city is home to one UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Porticoes of Bologna. These porches hang over pathways across the city, with columns supporting them to ensure they don’t collapse. They add a certain charm to Bologna, which has made them so iconic in the eyes of UNESCO. 

On October 4th, Bologna celebrates Festa di San Petronio, with several parades going through the city. 

Piedmont Wine Region

By Jess from Travel + Tannins

Piedmont is a beautiful wine region in Northern Italy known for its Nebbiolo wine. It is a perfect destination for wine lovers to visit in early October, as this is right after harvest when the vines are still full!

Going wine tasting is one of the top things to do in Piedmont. With over 20,000 wineries in the region, it can be a little overwhelming to choose the best one for you to visit!

I recommend visiting one of the hidden gem wineries in Piedmont, such as Rizzi or Cantina Ratti, as these offer a more personalized experience than the bigger wineries.

In addition to the wine tasting, Piedmont has many beautiful villages and towns that are a fun way to experience the region. I recommend checking out Barolo or Neive for a quaint town with stunning vineyard landscapes. 

Vineyards in Piedmont Italy
Vineyards in Piedmont by Travel + Tannins


By Zoe from Together In Switzerland

For a lovely place to visit in October in northern Italy, Domodossola in Piedmont is a great location to consider for your travels.

We personally visited for a few days while on our way to Zermatt from Locarno, Switzerland. We decided to travel via Domodossola as there is a daily scenic train directly to and from Domodossola.

Our stay in Domodossola was at the La Palma hotel, which was ideal because of the facilities and location. It’s a great little hotel with all you need for a welcoming stay. From there, we could also walk into the city to explore on foot.

Enjoy a day taking time with a walk around the city. There is a local market at Piazza del Mercato on Saturdays for buying some treats. In the same location, there is a choice of little cafes, Italian restaurants (tip: Ristorante Vikingo), and boutiques to rummage in.

For an architectural highlight, visit the Palazzo San Francesco art museum.

An additional highlight is to climb the steps to the Sacred Mount Calvary church, located just 20 minutes’ walk from the main train station. On a sunny day, you will be in for a treat, with an amazing view of the surrounding area and mountains. 


By Kristie from Mammaprada

Bormio is a beautiful ancient mountain village and ski resort in the Northern Italian Alps, not tarnished by too much après ski, cheaper than France and Austria, and not overwhelmed by visitors. It does get busy, but mostly, it’s a second home destination for Italians living around Milan.

Long ago, it was a place of interest for Roman aristocrats who wished to visit the thermal baths and stunning scenery. The baths at Bagni Vecchi and Bagni Nuovi are still in use today.

The village center is a maze of 17th-century cobbled streets and grand stone facades and is nestled beneath the famous ‘ Stelvio’ piste. The Stelvio is part of the Alpine World Cup Downhill Skiing Challenge. It can be seen from the village by day and is illuminated by night.

In October, you’ll find sunny blue skies and need a coat, but there are always activities such as cycling, hiking, mushroom picking, and much more. We love it at all times of year, and you can find out about our English/Italian adventures here

An old building in Bormio Italy
Bormio by Mammaprada

Lake Barcis

By Kristin from Tiny Footsteps Travel

Lake Barcis (Lago di Barcis) is a small lake in northeast Italy. Located 1.5 hours from Venice and 3.5 hours from Florence, it is far away from most Italian city life and close to the Slovakian border.

Barcis has a different feel from most Italian towns and is popular for weekend getaways for people in Northern Italy. It has a slow-paced lifestyle, and a picturesque downtown next to a turquoise-colored lake (the turquoise color is caused by minerals in the water of the lake).

Visiting Lake Barcis in October means being able to see the lake against some colors of oranges and reds of the trees covering the Friulian Pre-Alps.

To enjoy views of the lake with the Alps and fall foliage in the background, consider doing the Giro Lago di Barcis trail that encircles the lake. The entire loop is 6.1 km (3.7 miles) long and takes just under 2 hours. It’s great for all ability levels.

Another fun thing to do in the area is to hop on the Valcellina tourist train, which takes you on a relaxed ride through Lake Barcis town and Andreis, another nearby town. This is a wonderful way to enjoy the views of these Northern Italian towns.

You’ll find some great places to enjoy northern Italian food in downtown Barcis, such as Locanda con cucina La Serenissima. Be sure to also stop at Bar Gelateria Lion for a sweet treat!

Keep in mind, though, that the town of Lake Barcis is very tiny. The closest city is Udine, which is one hour away. Udine is a good place to stay if you want more options for places to stay, eat, and shop for Italian souvenirs.


By Soline from On the Road Diary

Genoa is a city on the north Mediterranean coast of Italy. It is the 6th largest city in Italy, and many tourists stop there during a road trip on the Italian Riviera.

It is ideally located 2 hours from the French border and 1 hour and a half from the picturesque Cinque Terre.

Genoa is ideal to visit in October because it feels like it’s late summer; the temperature averages 53 to 66°F (12 to 19°C), so it’s warmer than most European countries at this time of year.

Genoa is also a city where almost a million people live all year round, so the liveliness is not just seasonal.

The city itself is very historic. It’s made up of old but beautiful and elegant buildings and arches where people can stroll through the streets while enjoying their shade, as it can get very hot in the Italian summer. Some of the buildings date back to the 11th century!

We especially recommend visiting the iconic main square of Genoa, Piazza De Ferrari, and the Palazzo Ducale. For lunch or dinner, head to Strakkino Restaurant, the best pizza restaurant in town.

Christopher Columbus House in Genoa by On the Road Diary


By Lavina from Continent Hop

This charming region is known for its captivating landscapes, ranging from majestic mountain ranges to lush valleys and pristine lakes. The area is dominated by the awe-inspiring peaks of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A visit to Trentino offers a lot of things to do. You can wander through Trento’s charming old town, where there’s a mix of architecture from different eras on the historic streets, and while doing so, be sure to stop at the majestic Buonconsiglio Castle.

For outdoor enthusiasts, a trip to the renowned Lake Garda is a must.

Additionally, do not miss out on visiting Valle di Cembra, a mountainous village surrounded by rolling hills and terraced vineyards. Renowned for its wine production, this area offers an unforgettable experience, especially due to the Segonzano pyramids.

These are just a few highlights Trentino has to offer in October, making it a destination not to be missed.

Bonus: Ticino, Switzerland

By Sara & Ryan from Across Every Border

Did you know that Lake Maggiore also spans beyond the border of Italy? Ticino is a small, Italian-speaking region in Southern Switzerland that is surprisingly unknown to most travelers. 

Made up of three major cities – Locarno, Bellinzona, and Lugano – Ticino offers lakes (Maggiore & Ceresio), mountains, waterfalls, and fairytale villages like Sonogno!

Ceded to Switzerland from the Duchy of Milan at the turn of the 16th century, you can expect to find the same Italian culture as in Northern Italy.

October is the shoulder season, so the majority of domestic tourists would have returned home. This will leave you with the perfect weather for outdoor adventures but without the crowds!

An avid hiker? Check out Ponte Tibetano, Monte Tamaro and Sassariente. We also loved visiting the Frogglio and Froda waterfalls. 

The most famous attractions in the area are the sapphire blue waters of Ponte dei Salti in Lavertezzo and the 007 bungee jump from Diga della Verzasca!

Frogglio Waterfall in Ticino Switzerland
Frogglio Waterfall in Ticino by Across Every Border

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