Best Cafes in Turin, Italy: 12 Historic and Modern Spots You Can’t Miss

As I always do during every city break, I had a mission to find the best cafes in Turin, Italy.

Like other European cities such as Vienna and Paris, Turin is home to both recently opened cozy cafes and historic establishments between 100 and 250 years old, and it was a delight to visit them all.

Whether you’re after an Italian breakfast (which is all about coffee and sweet baked goods), an afternoon cup of hot chocolate, lunch, or anything in between, Turin’s cafes will not disappoint.

There are a lot of places I didn’t have enough time to try and would love to in the future, but in the meantime, here are more than ten recommendations for your trip.

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12 of the best cafes in Turin, Italy, to try when you travel to the northern Italian city

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A liqueur shop turned into a cafe, the 20th-century Caffè Mulassano is one of the most well-known establishments in Turin, registered on the list of Historical Places in Italy that includes hotels, restaurants, bars, pastry shops, and cafes.

Amongst its customers, you could find many famous Italian painters, actors, writers, and even the royal family. If that’s not enough, it was also a filming location for several Italian movies.

Caffè Mulassano also claims to be the inventor of the tramezzino, a crustless Italian sandwich similar to the ones served with an afternoon English tea.

Luckily, the cafe is centrally located in Piazza Castello, so whether you want to have coffee and sweet Italian breakfast, enjoy an aperitif, or try its famous lobster sandwiches, Caffè Mulassano is awaiting.

Address: Piazza Castello, 15.


It’s not every day that you get to visit a cafe established in the 18th century (in 1763, to be exact), so Caffe al Bicerin has to be on your bucket list.

This is the place that invented one of the most famous drinks in the city, the Bicerin, consisting of coffee, chocolate, and milk, and is optionally served with traditional biscuits.

That’s why it’s probably the priciest spot to have a cup of Bicerin (you can have it in almost every other cafe), but I wouldn’t skip out on trying the original one.

Plus, the cafe is located in the gorgeous Piazza della Consolata and overlooks the impressive church Santuario della Consolata, and who can say no to a coffee with a view?

Address: Piazza della Consolata, 5.

A local coffee drink in Turin called Bicerin at Caffe al Bicerin


Dating back to 1780, Caffè Fiorio is a unique historic cafe, as it was the meeting point of the upper class, including politicians, poets, novelists, and other intellectuals (like Friedrich Nietzsche).

Apart from transporting you back in time with its elegant interiors, it’s also known as one of the best places to savor a cup of hot chocolate.

After it was introduced to the city back in the 16th century, hot chocolate became everyone’s favorite drink, from monarchs to commoners.

So while every self-respecting cafe in Turin serves the decadent sweet beverage, it’s one of Caffè Fiorio’s crowning glories, which means you must try it.

Address: Via Po, 8.


Baratti & Milano is known both as a historic cafe and an iconic Torinese chocolate brand more than 150 years old.

In fact, it was one of the royal chocolatiers of the House of Savoy, and it supposedly invented the Cremino, a chocolate-hazelnut layered treat you must try while visiting Turin.

As for the cafe, you’ll find it inside the elegant covered arcade, Galleria Subalpina, the perfect spot to house such a regally-decored venue. Take it all in and enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate alongside some mouthwatering pastries and desserts.

Address: Piazza Castello, 29.

Baratti and Milano - a famous historic cafe in Turin


Not that 120 years of history are not impressive enough, but when you step into Caffè Torino (after being greeted by its “Martini” neon sign at the entrance), it doesn’t seem like it was established in 1903 but at least a century earlier.

From the chandeliers to the golden mirrors to the wallpapers, every single detail in this cafe is meaningful and contributes to the historic vibe.

That’s why it didn’t take long to build such a reputation that would attract the upper class of Turin as well as Hollywood actors and actresses filming nearby.

Apart from coffee, pastries, and desserts, you can also have an aperitif or lunch at Caffè Torino (though the food here can be pricey), which opens every day from morning to midnight.

Address: Piazza San Carlo, 204.


Sitting on the beautiful avenue Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Caffè Platti dates back to the late 19th century. It’s another one of the city’s most elegant venues, which attracted its noblemen, politicians, and intellectuals.

Even though you can also have lunch and aperitif here, the pastries and desserts are the real reason to come to this cafe, so a morning or an afternoon visit would be ideal.

Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 72.



An adorable Italian movie on Netflix was the first to light a spark in me and make me want to know more about Turin and plan a trip to the city. 

The protagonists had entered a restaurant adorned with a sign that said ‘Del Cambio,’ and a quick Google search revealed a renowned gourmet spot dating back to the 18th-century.

Expanding its legacy, the Del Cambio group acquired a 19th-century pharmacy (adjacent to the restaurant) and turned it into a lovely cafe serving the most exquisite pastries and desserts. After seeing some of them on Instagram, I knew I had to check out this place.

With the beautiful UNESCO-listed Palazzo Carignano in front of me, I indulged in a cup of coffee and a dessert inspired by Turin’s most famous chocolate, the Gianduiotto.

What sealed the deal for me was a little piece of tempered chocolate in the shape of the Mole Antonelliana building, THE symbol of the city, but I’d gladly go back to devour the entire menu.

Address: Piazza Carignano, 2.

Coffee and a chocolate dessert at Farmacia del Cambio, a cafe in Turin Italy


On my way to the must-visit Valentino Park and its top landmark, the Medieval Village, I stumbled upon this adorable cafe called Caffetteria Vergnano Dal Tiepolo.

Don’t let the ordinary residential street and modest entrance door fool you – once you step inside, this cafe’s decor with its leafy wallpaper and inviting display counter will win you over in a heartbeat.

I only stopped there for an afternoon coffee and cake, but you could also have a full Italian lunch, as well as smoothies, cocktails, and more.

Address: Via Gian Battista Tiepolo, 14/A.


When wandering around Turin, it’s not uncommon to come across places that are a mix of a cafe, a bakery, a dessert shop, and a chocolate shop, and that’s exactly what DAF Elite is.

Perfectly complementing a cappuccino, you’ll find a large variety of scrumptious sweets to choose from, including pralines, bite-sized treats, and patisserie-style desserts.

The cafe’s cozy vibe definitely adds to the experience, and its central location is a huge plus.

Address: Via Giuseppe Barbaroux, 4.

DAF Elite, a cafe in Turin
A lovely cafe in Turin – DAF Elite


If you’re staying in the neighborhood of Crocetta as I did (and even if you’re not), a wonderful place to start your morning is Caffetteria Croissanterie RETRO’.

As you pass through the door, the first thing that catches your eyes is the red and gold wallpaper, giving it a slight palace-like look. Then you’ll be greeted with an irresistible display of filled croissants, the highlight of this cafe.

Along with my cocoa-topped cappuccino, I tried the classic vanilla-filled croissant as well as the Kinder Bueno croissant. The latter was so decadent and yummy that I’d hop on a plane right now just to eat it one more time.

Address: Via S. Secondo, 19.

Coffee and a croissant at RETRO Cafe in Turin Italy
RETRO Cafe in Turin Italy


Another tranquil spot for your morning coffee in Crocetta is Green Cafe. At first sight, it doesn’t have anything special about it, but when you see the locals keep coming in, you know it’s a beloved neighborhood cafe.

To fully enjoy my cup of coffee, I devoured a couple of chocolate-filled sfogliatelle, layered Italian pastries that are not at all easy to make but are utterly delicious. The cafe also offers sandwiches, brioches, cookies, and more.

Address: Via S. Secondo, 31.


Situated in the northern part of the neighborhood of San Salvario (not too far from the city center), Orso Laboratorio del Caffè is a great place for those in search of the best coffee in Turin, especially for specialty coffee shop lovers.

Alongside single-origin coffee from Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Brazil, Honduras, and India, the cafe also has its own blends. With your high-quality cup of joe, you can also have croissants, cakes, and sandwiches.

Address: Via Claudio Luigi Berthollet, 30.

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