Photo Diary: A Stroll Through Valencia’s Old Town Neighborhood of El Carmen

Valencia holds a special place in my heart. It was on my Spain bucket list for a long time, and when I finally got to go, I immediately felt at home.

There’s just something so cozy about it; the mix of modern and old; the vivid yet relaxed vibe; its colors, smells and tastes surrounding you wherever you go. And it does not get any cozier than Valencia’s old town, perhaps the city’s most attractive area.

I could give you a list of things to do in Valencia‘s old town, but there’s nothing like getting lost in it to feel its authentic charm.

This intricate labyrinth of streets, alleyways, and squares is packed with everything a traveler needs; little cafes, restaurants, and shops; beautiful buildings and monuments; rich history.

If that is not impressive enough, this district has a secret weapon: the marvelous neighborhood of El Carmen.

The best way I can describe El Carmen is ‘old town with a twist.’ It has all the classic characteristics of Valencia’s old town, but then you discover it is also a large canvas full of street art.

Whether it is covering a giant wall or a tiny spot in the corner of the street, El Carmen’s street art is unmissable. Valencia is a colorful city all on its own, but El Carmen elevates it to a whole other level of liveliness.

With the combination of traditional vibe and modern street art, I can honestly say that El Carmen is a neighborhood like no other. So what better proof is there than a photo diary to inspire you?

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Valencia’s Old Town Photo Diary

Valencia carmen district - colorful street
Valencia el carmen district - colorful building

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Valencia's old town - street art
Valencia's old town - urban art
Valencia's old town - theatre
old town Valencia - el carmen neighborhood
el carmen Valencia - old street
Valencia old quarter - colorful el carmen
Valencia Spain old town - el carmen
Valencia's old town - typical streets
old Valencia - big mural
Valencia barrio carmen - street art 2
old quarter Valencia - colorful streets
Valencia barrio del carmen - square
del carmen Valencia - small street 2
Valencia carmen - small street
Valencia's old town - street art 4
Valencia barrio el carmen - sant jaume
Valencia's old town - streets
Valencia old city centre - cafe
old town Valencia Spain - bar
old city Valencia - alley
Valencia old city - little alley
barrio del carmen Valencia - portal
Valencia's old town - street art 3
Valencia's old town - street
Valencia's old town - wine shop
Valencia's old town - street art 5
Valencia el carmen - mural

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