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Is Obidos Worth Visiting? 18 Stunning Photos of Obidos That Say ‘YES’

by Or Amir

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Just by looking at photos of Obidos, I already had a feeling it was going to be a special place. I mean, who doesn’t love a picture-perfect medieval town? With its cobbled streets and alleys, white houses with pops of yellow and blue, castle and walls, it is one of the most beautiful towns I’ve ever visited. Other landmarks in Obidos include the Porta de Vila (the main gateway into Obidos) and the Santa Maria church.

Whether it is a stop on a road trip through Portugal (e.g. a drive from Lisbon to Porto) or a day trip from Lisbon, Obidos has become extremely popular and can get quite crowded. If you want to enjoy its magic, be sure to get there early in the morning or visit during the off-season. But until you get there, here are 18 pictures that will surely ignite your wanderlust (seriously, this place totally sells itself).
Warning: The photos you’re about to see may cause uncontrollable drooling and immediate flight booking.



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Obidos Portugal from above


obidos portugal photos


obidos portugal pictures


photos obidos portugal - a house in obidos


obidos portugal images - walls of obidos
obidos images


obidos photos - castle of obidos

The Castle of Obidos


photos obidos


roofs of obidos portugal
a carrige in obidos


obidos pictures


portugal obidos photos


white yellow blue street in obidos
colorful street in obidos


houses with flowers in obidos portugal


colorful alley in obidos
courtyard in obidos


an alley in Obidos


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So, is Obidos worth visiting? Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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Obidos Portugal photography: 18 stunning photos of Obidos, one of the most beautiful places in Portugal!


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