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20 Photos of Budapest That Will Ignite Your Wanderlust

by Or Amir

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Never underestimate European cities. While some people tend to compare them or downsize them by saying they’re all alike, I want to celebrate the uniqueness of each one. Visiting Budapest, I realized once again that Europe never ceases to amaze and that any city can burst your bubble. While others find it overrated, I truly think that Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve seen. The architectural details of every single building (not just the landmarks) are intricate and unique, and no two buildings are the same. I honestly could have taken thousands of photos of Budapest and its charming streets.

Beyond the stunning architecture, which was the highlight for me, I loved the atmosphere, the culture, and the people in the city. I think it should definitely be on every Europe lover’s bucket list, and it deserves a visit of at least four full days (not including day trips). To give you a taste of this wonderful city and hopefully inspire you to plan a trip, here are 20 of my favorite pictures of Budapest, one of the best places to visit in Hungary (and can also be a great European winter destination).


Looking for the best Budapest travel photography? Here are 20 beautiful pictures of Budapest Hungary including the city's streets, views, and architecture. This photo diary will give you all the travel inspiration you need.


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budapest pictures gallery - st mattiash church

The iconic Matthias Church



fishermans bastion
old building in Budapest


budapest best pictures - parliament

The Hungarian Parliament building


a colorful street in Budapest


colorful street in Budapest

Colorful streets on the Buda side of the city


budapest city photos - old door


Vajdahunyad Castle

Vajdahunyad Castle


Vajdahunyad Castle front


Vajdahunyad Castle courtyard

Vajdahunyad Castle’s courtyards


Dohany Synagogue

Dohány Street Synagogue


Budapest photos - Synagogue

Dohány Street Synagogue


beautiful square in Budapest


budapest best photos - old street corner

The unique quarter of Józsefváros


a street in Budapest Jewish quarter
budapest photos gallery - Parisi Udvar hotel


budapest Pictures - street art

Street art in Budapest’s Jewish Quarter


budapest photography - street art


avenue with trees


best photos of Budapest Hungary - views over the Danube

Views over the Danube River


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